Somewhere in Sweden “The No Show Room” is, Sweden’s most inaccessible showroom and it contains the new Passat Alltrack. In connection with the sponsorship of the Swedish ski team Volkswagen announces a hunt, the one who finds the car first – gets it.

The showroom is hard to find and get to, but easy to drive away with – anyone who finds it and gets there first gets a new Passat Alltrack with 4MOTION four-wheel drive, worth SEK 387,600. The hunt to reach “The No Show Room” first and the car started on January 2nd. To get to the car, you need to find the showroom coordinates, by solving clues that will be released in January.

– Being part of the skiing team can have its advantages when it comes to getting to the showroom, as the terrain there is not the easiest. But for the lucky ones who get there first, there will be no problem driving away from there. Our cars are adapted for Swedish winter, says Sara Brunfelter, Content Manager at Volkswagen Sweden, and continues:

– Even after the first race day, we see a very big commitment and that many people started looking for the clues.

In addition to 4MOTION four-wheel drive, Passat Alltrack has higher ground clearance, it gives you high beam without dazzling, emergency brakes for obstacles on the road and can partially drive itself – is just some of the features that make it suitable for Swedish weather conditions.


Between 2nd and 21st of January 2020, Volkswagen releases a number of clues. Solving them, the coordinates of the position of “The No Show Room” can be unlocked. Whoever is first to the site and can show that they has solved the clues, gets the car – a new Passat Alltrack. The clues can be hidden just about anywhere. One tip is to follow Volkswagen Sweden on Instagram and look out there. The value of the car is SEK 387,600 including VAT. Profit tax is paid by the winner.


In addition to the first prize, the contestants also have the chance to take home some of the secret extra prices that are distributed during the competition to those who quickly resolve the various clues.



We have worked with location services and project management connected to transportation, the construction and visualization of the show room.

Watch the commercial with the Swedish cross country team:

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